WHO is your target audience?
WHAT does your business emulate?
WHY are you the best? 
 would you define your niche?

Have you created a marketing plan of action?

Humanize your business. It should be equally appealing on the outside as it is on the inside. 

Establish trust and credibility by speaking the consumer’s language while building and maintaining strong relationships. Connect and converse with your target audience. Have a good story. Speak to the preventative effects of your business in addition to the problems that it can assist in solving.  Leverage competition like you do changes in the industry as all provide opportunity for growth, differentiation, and further definition of your niche.

Web Design + Basic SEO

As of February 2014, 87% of adults are using the internet. 
This is where brand image and personality are established.

Have a website, but can't be found?

Websites that work 
     are user-friendly 
          incorporate calls to action
               link to social media
                    contain keyword-rich content
                         inform + build credibility

Social Media + Email Campaigns

attention > interest > desire > action
Gain awareness. Keep them engaged.  


Logo Design + Marketing Materials

Business cards, brochures, postcards, pens, flyers, you name it. 
This is collateral. 



Personal Branding + Business Development 

Maybe you're a medical, business, or consulting professional looking to BRAND YOURSELF. Let's create your name in the industry and build a network.